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Honey Roasted Feta

May 11, 2018

After trying this honey roasted feta recipe I had to share it with you! It is delicious with toasted sourdough bread, pickled beets, beans and sauerkraut, nuts and anything else you can think of adding to your platter. 



You will need:

~1 8oz slab of feta, blotted dry

~2 TBSP extra-virgin olive oil

~1 TBSP honey

~freshly ground black pepper

~pita wedges or other bread, cut thinly and toasted

~tomatoes, roasted beets, nuts, pickles, or other savoury/sour garnishes


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Set the blotted feta slab in a small oven-to-table dish or a pan lined with aluminum foil for easy transfer to a serving platter. Cover with the olive oil and bake the cheese until it is soft and springy to touch, but not melted. This will take about 8 minutes. While it is baking, warm the honey until it is fluid enough to spread over the feta with a pastry brush. Remove from oven before step 2.


2. Preheat the broiler and spread the honey over the feta.  

Broil until the top of the cheese browns and just starts to bubble. This took about 5 minutes in my oven, but it is best to keep an eye on it as it will burn easily.  Season to taste with black pepper and garnish with a sprig of rosemary or thyme if desired. Serve immediately with pita wedges and, if desired, sliced heirloom tomatoes, roasted beets, nuts or pickled vegetables.

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